Slam Deck
French basketball innovates!

Live your basketball passion off the court
French basketball IS COLLECTING
On this season 1 of Slam Deck, find +140 different cards

Rudy Gobert, Evan Fournier, Nando de Colo …
Marine Johannès, Sandrine Gruda …
Boris Diaw, Jacques Monclar, Fred Forté …
Jacky Chazalon, Cathy Melain. ..

French basketball IS PLAYED
Your Slam Deck cards are the basis for a 2 or more game (it’s even more fun!)

Our bet: This game aspect does not appear on the cards!
The collector’s card is not distorted by game markers or other information necessary for a game.

Take the coach’s place: build your team, decide on systems, provoke 1vs1s and try to make your team win!

French basketball is DIGITALIZING
Our free IOS / Android application allows you to live a UNIQUE experience

Flash a SlamDeck card and enjoy a spectacular Augmented Reality but also useful: take advantage of the over-information and do not hesitate to click on the logos of social networks, media logo or stats!

SLAM DECK has been designed and produced to live your basketball passion even more intensely

The Card Collection

A season 1 under the sign of the French teams!

For its season 1, Slam Deck offers 3 decks.

2 decks (54 cards each), dedicated to the French teams: with the entire France team, which corresponds to the 42 selectable players who have signed the FFBB charter.
The French women’s team but also 19 French basketball legends.

1 deck (72 cards) dedicated to 6 French clubs: Limoges CSP of course, SIG Strasbourg, Nanterre92, SLUC Nancy, Cholet Basket, BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque

On the front / back of each player card you will find

. Pictures
. name, height, date of birth
. a Bio of a few lines
. his social networks
. her nationality
. a complete stats table

The SlamDeck Game

Slam Deck – the Game

You will find 2 rule cards and 12 game cards in our 3 proposed Decks.

. You will form a team of 6 players
. play five 1vs1 against players from opposing coaches
. you will use the stats table on the back of each card
. The 12 game cards will add surprises and strategy
. Play in rookie, freshman or sophomore mode …
. Choose your players or organize a draft !!

iOS/Android app

Spectacular Augmented Reality!

Available FREE on the IOS and Android stores

This application will allow you to continue the Slam Deck experience on your smartphones and tablets!

You will find :

. A complete player index
. of Augmented Reality on players
. additional information
. players’ social networks !!
. additional photos and videos
. The Slam Deck game playable without the printed cards
. A companion to the Slam Deck game with the cards

Amateur Club or FFBB licensee?

We fund partner amateur clubs!

Get in touch with our teams and let yourself be guided: we support you on all aspects of the partnership.